Thursday, September 18

Authentic Hand-Painted Murals

Today’s Image

Just back from recent travels that included several stops to art galleries and art museums as well as finding artwork in places where I least expected to. So, I have several blogs-worth of information for your enjoyment. Last blog I mentioned the art-oriented delicatessen I discovered with several ‘masterpieces’ that were enhanced with deli specials from the menu. Still find that amusing.

After that, I moved on up the 405 Freeway past the imposing Getty Museum that is perched high on a hillside in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking all of West LA from Century City to the Santa Monica Pier . As much as I wanted to stop, I have visited that great museum on a previous trip, and so it wasn’t included on the itinerary for this one.

Travelling northwest about two hours, give or take, brings you to the Santa Ynez Valley on the Central California coast. It is perhaps most recently known for its many vineyards and wineries and wine-tasting venues. In fact, many of the scenes from the movie Sideways, about two visitors on a wine-tasting vacation, were filmed on location here.

Anyway I also found more art in several of the towns than I had expected to, and not just art galleries or art museums either. There appears to be a greater appreciation for art in the area that mixes well with both the laid back lifestyle and wine-making.

I included one example that I found as Today’s Image. At one of the local vineyard/wineries I visited there is a long row of rather large 'murals' that were hand-painted on a stucco wall of a portal overlooking the vineyards that grow right up to the sidewalk. The paintings depict several scenes in the growing and harvesting of grapes and making of wine. They are quite beautiful and greatly add to the ambience of the place, especially after the wine-tasting.

Thought you’d like to see it.


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