Monday, March 19

Pretty In Peach

Pretty in Peach
Oil on Canvas Panel
5 x 7 in/ 12.7 x 17.8cm
Copyright Byrne Smith 2018
As I mentioned in a couple of recent posts, one where I painted a sunflower and the other a small vase of flowers, I haven't painted many flowers as still life, although occasionally I have painted them en masse in a garden or in broad meadows.

I said I didn't have much of a relationship with florals. However, since the beginning of the year I have spent time looking more closely at the work of excellent floral painters, such as Richard Schmid, Neil Carroll, and many, many others.

As somewhat of a learning experience, I have tried my painting hand at several works with a flower (or flowers) as the subject. I tend to agree that one of the great things about being a painter is that there is always the opportunity to learn and experience more.

Much to my surprise, today's image turned out to be completely different than either what I had envisioned or how I had begun the painting--the surprises and joys of the painting life!

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