Monday, March 30

What Makes a Painter Happy?

Spring Storm
Oil on Canvas
9 x 12 in/22.9 x 30.5 cm
Copyright Byrne Smith 2015
Happiness, as we all know, is a state--one in which many of us would probably like to live, at least much of the time. When you are happy, you paint better, and when a painter paints better, life is better.

That said, I think painters are happy when (in no particular order):

- their drawing skills improve

- they feel their latest painting is one of the best they have done

- they find their own style

- mixing paint is a natural and beautiful experience

- they learn something new about painting

- they can't wait to start painting

- their painting is "liked," "favorited," "pinned," and/or "re-tweeted" on social media (even introverts)

Finally, I think a painter is happiest simply when he or she is happy about their painting.

I'm sure you have other ideas on what makes a painter happy, so please feel free to comment.

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