Monday, January 12

If You Really Want a Challenge, Try Painting a Portrait

My, oh my. Only 12 days into the new year. I really was motivated, too. I suppose that's why it's called a "wild hare" (or is it "wild hair?"). Whatever.

I wanted to paint something special: a portrait. I was recently looking at the work of a couple of really great portrait painters, online, of course. They are and were the contemporary Casey Baugh and the great master, John Singer Sargent.

I should give myself somewhat of a break and chalk it up to wanting to paint something that I really wanted to paint. I had looked at the work of the painters just mentioned, as well as several others, and it seemed so do-able. Note, I didn't say easy and certainly not simple.

But, a challenge it was. So much so that I finally called it quits, for now anyway.

If you haven't tried painting a portrait--in whatever medium--you should try it, if for no other reason than to make yourself recall there is always something new to learn and/or strive for in painting.

You'll notice there's no image this week. I was going to post my portrait painting, but no way. Maybe at some future time, I'll forget about this and get totally motivated again.

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