Tuesday, October 1

Why You Should Paint Alla Prima

On the Rocks
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
18 x 24 in/45.7 x 61 cm
Copyright 2013
Ever have one of those Mondays when you feel as if you must paint right now, right away and alla prima?

I had one of those yesterday. It may be part of the way painters work, that is, with all that pent up painting energy.

Anyway, I was having trouble getting started. I would look over at my painting area--at my brushes, and paints, and supports, and whatever else was sitting around over there. I was having trouble with my inertia, which I've blogged about previously, it being Monday and all.

And then. I thought of my acrylic painting from a couple of years ago that I saw again over the weekend when I re-organized the closet where I store my completed works.

Most painters want to improve. I am no different. I looked at that painting and thought, I can do better than that.

And so yesterday, in less than two hours, I reworked every brushstroke in that painting with a lighter, higher-key palette and a looser style, in addition to simplifying the motif, all of which you can do relatively easily in acrylic.

I find I paint more freely and more creatively and more openly when I just let loose, so to speak, and go for it. You may discover that, too.

I present On the Rocks.

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