Monday, July 29

Let Your Painting Rest for a While

Bluebonnet Field
Acrylic on Canvas Panel
12 x 12 in/30.5 x 30.5 cm
Copyright 2013
Every now and then you may want to look through your completed paintings to see if there is at least one that could be improved. As you know, when you work at a painting and are really concentrating on making it the best you can for hours or days, you are likely to lose your focus if not your objectivity.

When it's completed, or you think it is, it's helpful to let it sit for a period of time before you look at it again. During that time your mind and brain will have moved on to other works, and you'll be able to see your painting in a new light, figuratively and literally.

That's what I did with today's image. I originally completed it last Spring, and although I thought I had done a pretty good job, when I looked at it a few weeks ago--I could see it needed work. So, I make several additions, such as more foliage in the foreground, and corrections, such as softening edges everywhere. It was relatively easy to do in acrylic, and I think now it's ready for its debut. I know you didn't see it before, but what do you think?

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