Sunday, October 21

Total Art Experience

Here's a link to an article I saw on Google News. It's by John Weeks in the San Bernardino Sun (California USA), and it talks about how art should engage all of our senses to truly be experienced (I summarize).

I like that idea.

In the article, he states that in addition to our eyes, we should be able to hear, touch, and even smell and taste the images, sculptures, and installations we call art.

What do you think about that?

As I painter, I initially agree with most museums "do not touch" policies since obviously  work on canvas or paper would deteriorate rather quickly.

But yet...I have to agree that if the artist considered that (hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting) in the creation of the work, then, yes, there could be a proper way to incorporate these other senses into the experience.

Thinking outside the box (or frame) to engage the viewer (taster, smeller, etc.) is a good idea especially in our technologically-advanced age.

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