Monday, April 18

To Enter or Not to Enter an "Exhibition"

My Watercolor Rejected in
 a Recent "Exhibition" 
Well, the deadline is fast approaching. It’s this coming Saturday. Should I enter yet another painting contest that is euphemistically called an “exhibition?”

I’m not sure, and I don’t know. In a previous blog, I said art is not a competition.

On the one hand, some of my paintings have been recently accepted in a couple of exhibitions. So that encourages me, and that should encourage you, too, if you’re in a similar situation.

On the other hand, I've had rejections, actually many more than acceptances. So I have to think about that.

The “exhibition” I’m considering is farther afield in location than the ones I have previously entered, and that worries me a bit. Why? Because for some reason I feel less sure. The juror/judge, the probable entrants, and the sponsoring society are all unknown to me.

In addition, the judge appears to have an affinity for abstract art. None of my work would be considered abstract.

“They” say you shouldn’t paint and/or enter certain paintings in exhibitions based on who the judge is. “They” say you should paint solely for yourself, and I do agree with that. But it seems you should at least consider the judge’s reputation if you’re going to make a calculated decision.

One artist compared it to the lottery and said, “If you don’t buy a ticket, you surely won’t win.” That, of course, is true.

But a lottery ticket costs only $1 (U.S.), not $40 (U.S.). One could spend a fortune entering exhibitions.

Another argument for entering is that if your painting is selected, it will look good on your artist’s resume. But wait. Why do I spend my time painting anyway? To win painting contests?

No, I paint because I enjoy painting. Note, joy is in the word enjoy, not un-coincidentally. Winning contests is secondary at best.

I wonder what Monet would have done. I think he would enter and keep on entering until his paintings were accepted. OK, that settles it. Now where’s that website with the instructions for entering--I only have until Saturday.

Happy Painting!

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