Thursday, February 17

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Being An Artist?

My Reference Photo
Copyright 2011

What is your favorite thing about being an artist? If you’re like me, which is pretty bold of me to assume—so excuse me—then you’ll have trouble answering this question.

Why? Because it’s awfully difficult for me to pick my most favorite aspect of being an “artist.”

Do you agree, it's difficult? (It’s OK if you don’t.)

So many things come to mind.

I like learning about color, color theory, as well as the actual mixing process itself. It does not matter to me if it’s oil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, pastel, whatever, it doesn’t matter.

I like nearing the finish line of a painting when all the pieces, so to speak, come together, and the fruits of my labor are at hand, literally.

I like reading about other artists, both famous and not so famous, and how they grew in their artistic abilities, how they persevered in their profession, and how they lived their lives in whatever era they produced their work.

In conjunction with reading about them, I like viewing the work of artists even more. It’s better in person at a museum or gallery, I think, but even viewing art online is a pleasure.

I like shopping at art supply stores. It’s not like shopping to me at all. It’s more like exploring, and I never tire of it.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t say that I do like recognition of my artwork—who doesn’t? Or maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, if pressed, I would have to say my most favorite thing about being an artist is the freedom it allows me. That is, I can create whatever subject (or object) I want, in whatever medium I want, whenever I want.

That’s saying a lot.

BTW, today’s image is a reference photo for a watercolor currently in progress. I’ll show you the results in a future blog.

Happy Painting!

Until next blog…


  1. Being an artist, you need to enjoy every bit of your work. love and passion are the key to succeed in any move of life!! thanks for the question, but was surprised to there are no comments yet.

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  2. For me, making art in a pre-fabricated world of prepackaged and manipulated experience engages me in a primal reality...something that is both authentic and deeply personal.