Monday, January 24

Watercolor AND Acrylic!

My Watercolor I'm Re-working

Just a short bloggie today.

You know I paint in watercolor and acrylic, right? Well, I want to let you in on what I’ve recently discovered.

Since both mediums are water-based, you can easily mix-and-match them, so to speak. What I mean is that you can re-work an original watercolor with acrylics.

Those tedious, tedious watercolor applications can be easily corrected or painted over and improved!

A break-through, for me anyway.

Today’s image is one of my past watercolors that I’ve shown you before.

This week I’m re-working it with acrylic. When I’m finished, I’ll show you the results.

Also, don’t forget to follow the second week of the Australian Open this week.

Happy Painting (and tennis watching).

Until next blog…

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