Thursday, January 21

Are You A Habitual Artist, a Creature of Art Habits?

Today’s Image
The Same Old Road

Today's blog is about art habits. I'm sure you have them.

Habits are like being on the same old road, similar to Today's Image--you don't have to think about where you're going or look for anything new.

Have you heard, or heard of, the song, ‘The Way You Do The Things You Do’? Maybe you can remember that classic from the Temptations. How do you do the art things you do?

Like when you begin your art day. Does it begin the minute you awake, or does it carry over from the previous day? Do you jump right in, or do you slowly ease into it from the day or night before?

Like where and how you physically do you art. Except for plein air painters, many artists have a location where they always draw or paint or sculpt. Do you have a certain stance or a certain way you hold your head, arm, or hand?

Like how you arrange the colors on your palette or the type, size, and shape of your palette. Do you ever change it up, or would that throw you off completely?

Like how you arrange your art studio. Are you meticulous with every pencil, every brush, every color in its proper place? Or do you toss things over your shoulder, metaphorically speaking, after you’ve used them?

Like, a favorite brush, or brushes, you always use depending on the brushstroke needed.

Like the medium in which you always, always render your art, no matter what, because you just can’t bring yourself to make a change.

A final point. There’s nothing wrong with habits unless and until they inhibit or hinder you from creating the art you’re capable of creating. Do not be a creature of art habits so much so that you limit yourself or your art.

New roads can lead to interesting destinations.


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